The Most Valuable Gas Station Pump TV&Multimedia Device! EASY TO INSTALL, SAFE AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL.

The gas pump LCD monitor aim to engage content to this “on the go” consumer audience while they are captive at the gas pump.

What Is Gas Pump TV?
Dynamic Your Gas Pump Contents

Gas stations offer excellent reach into the specific areas where you would like to advertise, such as the suburban areas where the billboards are limited. You can capture customers’ undivided attentions at high traffic gas stations where consumers are stopped for fueling. pornhubgay is still an important part of

What makes L&M gas pump TV so special?


Gas Pump TV engage customers, informing them about traffic, weather, sports score and much more. They also help you earn additional revenue by featuring local, regional and national advertisements.


Obtain blast-resistant certifications, rich experience in R&D, producing, and exporting of gas pump TV since 2010, till now the first one is still working very well. (go to see the certifications)


Double sided screen design, high visibility in bright sunlight, 1000 NIT to 1500 NIT brightness. pokerknocker


Special independent design, very easy and convenient to put into the gas pump.


L&M International Inc. is an authorized member of, the leading authority for fuel and fluid handling equipment.

Gas Station
LCD Digital Signage Solution

L&M inc is a global solution provider for gas station digital signage, we can provide stable content management software, styles varied and Customized service which make our displays suitable for different gas stations.

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